Wednesday, January 13, 2010

!! 669 SHIFT KNOBS !!

Let me introduce my first 2 Shift Knobs “SKREAMER” and “KOMPRESSION”!I started these back in September with the intention of the debut/deadline, the GRAND NATIONAL ROADSTER SHOW @ the end of this month. hurrah, deadline met!

Starting off with these 2 with 2 more designs in late spring…need to turn the nickles into dimes first!You won’t find these “anywhere” except my website and a few premiere speed shops scattered around America.

I AM the artist that drew these, I AM the artist that sculpted these, and I AM the artist that will be painting a limited/numbered run of them. Cost for the shift knobs (unfinished) is $30.00 (s&h inc. in US)
The shift knobs are up in the "669 Store"..stop by and check out the site and per~uze all the nifty things inside!

as always, enjoy the art!
s. @ 669

Monday, January 4, 2010

!! 669 POSTCARDS !!

About a month ago I blew the dust off the camera and headed to a private junk yard about 50 miles away to see if I still had the same skills as I did back when I was the photographer for my 7th grade class yearbook...??!!

had a blast even if I was met at the gate by the fellow and his shot gun (that's Vermont for you)..."I WAS INVITED, I PROMISE!"

The tour of his abundance of early iron was beyond belief, took over 300 images and chose these 6 to start off with. End result, a 12 ct. postcard set. 6 images, 2 of each image. Cost is $10.00 plus s&h.

You can check them out in the "669 Store" on the site!

as always, enjoy the art!
s. @ 669