Friday, October 29, 2010


be sure to visit and grab the latest issue, #12. packed from front to back will killer coverage of the HOT ROD FALLOUT 4, Viva Las Vegas...artisty feature on the notorious artist J~BIRD...awesome motorcycles, stories and all the beautiful renegade ladies....KICK~IT! ~669

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

!! MILLTOWN 4 !!

Palmer, Mass. this coming weekend for the MILLTOWN 4 hot rod show. This show never fails...2 daize of rockabilly, sickabilly and psycobilly..add in the Mz. Milltown judging all the artists and hot rods, home builts, traditionals, kustoms and low~riders....ooops..and the motorcycles...if you want it all....this is the show in the Northeast to hit! stop after this show?...Granite State Nationals....fantastic~

!! the CIRCUS is COMING !!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

!!dropped the ball!!

it has been a whirlwind here at the studio and because of that, i dropped the ball with postings in the blog. bare with me, much on the horizon to post. 2010 rodding season is upon us, there will be plenty of nifty things to show case!
s. @ 669

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

!! 669 SHIFT KNOBS !!

Let me introduce my first 2 Shift Knobs “SKREAMER” and “KOMPRESSION”!I started these back in September with the intention of the debut/deadline, the GRAND NATIONAL ROADSTER SHOW @ the end of this month. hurrah, deadline met!

Starting off with these 2 with 2 more designs in late spring…need to turn the nickles into dimes first!You won’t find these “anywhere” except my website and a few premiere speed shops scattered around America.

I AM the artist that drew these, I AM the artist that sculpted these, and I AM the artist that will be painting a limited/numbered run of them. Cost for the shift knobs (unfinished) is $30.00 (s&h inc. in US)
The shift knobs are up in the "669 Store"..stop by and check out the site and per~uze all the nifty things inside!

as always, enjoy the art!
s. @ 669

Monday, January 4, 2010

!! 669 POSTCARDS !!

About a month ago I blew the dust off the camera and headed to a private junk yard about 50 miles away to see if I still had the same skills as I did back when I was the photographer for my 7th grade class yearbook...??!!

had a blast even if I was met at the gate by the fellow and his shot gun (that's Vermont for you)..."I WAS INVITED, I PROMISE!"

The tour of his abundance of early iron was beyond belief, took over 300 images and chose these 6 to start off with. End result, a 12 ct. postcard set. 6 images, 2 of each image. Cost is $10.00 plus s&h.

You can check them out in the "669 Store" on the site!

as always, enjoy the art!
s. @ 669