Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Issue #14 Renegade Magazine!

My grandfather (who is still alive and 96!) always told me to never take myself too seriously..SO, I won’t…BUT, he never told me not to be proud! Hence, this BLAST into the “KOOL NUZE”.
To all of you peeps out there that have followed me over the past several years…RENEGADE finally hit the stands..This “grassroots” movement finally made it!
I started with the magazine in its infancy because I believed in it….simple~ I have poured my heart into it for almost 4 years, not just as the feature writer…but now, editor…what a fantastic trip!
Issue #13.5 ripped off of the shelves…batter UP!...here comes #14 right down YOUR THROAT…nostalgia drags, Wilson & Steeley’s ’32 Deuce, HEAVY REBEL, Rumbler’s, the bare metal shoebox dropped in the weeds..and the topping on the banana split?!...Michael Ulman as the Artist feature! This amazing fellow from the Boston area will blow your mind, plus see his work in the upcoming MAD MAX….grab a scrip., we are here to stay!
We NEVER wanted to look like anyone else; we will give you imagery that you haven’t seen. We are motorcycles, hot rods, bands, tattoo and the pure KULTURE..all of which…wraps all of us into ONE!

This scene does not belong to the rat-rodders, nor the purists’..it belongs to EVERYONE..we ARE here to share the common philosophy that “if it rolls, and you are proud of it?!”….well then, enough said~~!
Please enjoy….we all have gas in our veins….it’s quite simple actually~~~~!
• Disclaimer~Thanks for letting me spill it all out without worrying about commas’, semi-colons and proper punctuation…I’ll save that for the magazine!
s. @ 669